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The Student cap of the University of Tartu - symbol of free student
The University cap is the main hat of the University of Tartu since the beginning of the 20th century. It is white shallow velvet hat with a black stripe that has the embroidery of the symbol of the University of Tartu in front. It reminds of the once-used Apollo sign.

For a long time the University of Tartu was the only University of Estonia, that didn't have the Student cap in use as the symbolical item of itself. The wish of the University of Tartu was to bring the tradition back to life and start using the white cap again.

The traditional cap is called the Apollo, because of the small Apollo symbol, that was brought to use by the student council at 1924. The white velvet cap represents the general traditional Northern countries symbolics. The Apollo used in Estonia differed from Finnish and Swedish Student caps by shape - Apollo had shallow bottom, which represented Estonia's peculiarity. The tradition similar to the Northern countries was chosen because of the wish to resemble more to the Scandinavian countries than to the German culture.

Apollo was worn as the cap of the University of Tartu until the year 1940, when it was replaced to the general soviet Student cap. After reindependence there hasn't been any symbolics in use to unite the students.

The Student cap of the University of Tartu is an academic headwear and according to that there is no other text on the cap (rosette or the name of the university), because the hat itself is discernable element. The reason, why the Student Council of the University of Tartu wished to put a white embroidery of UT symbol on the cap, was that the restoration of the Apollo symbol is very costly and somewhat unpractical at the present. At the same time it there was a wish to differ from The Female Student Association and Student association Põhjala, who use same-looking white Student cap in their symbolics.

Who and how can have the Student cap?
The order of getting and wearing the Student cap is in the statute that comes along with the cap.

The students, graduates, lectors, scientific workers, honorary members, honorary doctors, emeritus professors, emeritus docents and professors who have worked in The University of Tartu have the right to apply for the Student cap.

To apply for the Student cap, students have to show a Student Card, graduates, graduating diploma and the other persons a certificate that that proves their profession.

The Student cap can be bought in Tartu from the Student Council of the University of Tartu (Ülikooli 18b) nad it costs 230EEK. Generally the cap can be collected right away, but if the right size isn't available at the moment, the Student cap will be ordered from the factory and it will take some time to get it. Information: or +372 737 5400

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