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Federation of Estonian Student Unions
Federation of Estonian Student Unions - Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit

Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit (EÜL) is a federation of Estonian student bodies. It was founded on 23. November 1991, shortly after Estonia regained independence. EÜL currently represents over 95% (64 460) of Estonian students.

EÜL's main goal is to represent students' interests on national level. Our main issues are student rights, educational and social issues. EÜL works closely together with Riigikogu (the parliament), the government, different ministries, higher education institutions and other partners. EÜL is also a leading NGO in Estonia and sometimes also represents students in schools, youth in general or just NGOs in different committees. EÜL is recognised as a 100% partner by the Ministry of Education and Research and the government.

EÜL also distributes the ISIC card which is an identity card for students, teachers and youth in general (, finances and publishes the national student newspaper Eesti Üliõpilasleht (, owns work-study programs' coordinator MIR Travel ( and organises student days in Tallinn (

EÜL is a member of NOM (, European Students' Union ( and Network of Estonian Non-profit Organisations (

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