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The Ring of The University of Tartu
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You can order the rings at the Student Council of the University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18b
More information 7 375 400

The Ring of The University of Tartu is a specially designed jewelry that every student who is studying at least in the second course has the right to can order and also the graduates of the University of Tartu. The university teachers and science workers can also have one.

Ordering: It is possible to order the ring either made of gold or silver, thinner or wider. The silver ring is available with a black or red background, the gold version with a black background or plain. At the end of every month the rings are ordered from the manufacturer and approximately in a month the ring can be collected.

1. On spot:
* You can order the ring all year from the Student Council of the University of Tartu at Ülikooli street 18b from 9a.m to 4.30 p.m. You can also see the rings at the same address.
* Identification document has to be brought when ordering the ring.
* The silver ring is 300.-(thinner) or 310.-(wider), the gold one 2290.-(thinner) or 2900.-(wider). You can also let the ring be engraved: one letter 5.-

2. Other possibilities:
* Information or ordering also through internet or phone( 7 375 400,
* Personal data and the exact wish(the model, size and engraving) must be said and the money transferred to the account of TÜ Üliõpilaskonna Sihtasutus (221016858737, "sõrmus")
* When the money has been sent to the account, the ring will be ordered. When collecting the ring, ID has also be brought.

3. Ordering from abroad:
* Exchange of information through e-mail, where the exact information has been sent.
* Transfer the money to the student council's account( TÜ Üliõpilaskonna Sihtasutus, 2001016858737, "sõrmus")
* The ring will be sent by mail. The delivery expenses will be paid by the customer.

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