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The Student Council offers you a reasonably priced copying service.

Black and white A4 one-sided 50 cents, two-sided 1 EEK.
Black and white A3 one-sided 1 EEK, two-sided 2 EEK.

Coloured A4 one-sided 4 EEK, two-sided 8 EEK
Coloured A3 one-sided 8 EEK, two-sided 16 EEK

Scanning and placing materials on USB 30 cents a page

We are located in the Student Council office at ÜLIKOOLI 18B





Full day

Half day

One hour


UT employees**





    2-3 year-olds





UT students**





    2-3 year-olds





* Cost of meals will be added to this amount

**Children aged 3-7.

These prices are for children who are permanent residents of the city of Tartu. The price in brackets is for children without a residence permit.

Kindergarten Terake accepts children aged 2-7.

For full- and half-day service one has to sign a contract and pay for two months in advance. From then on, the monthly fee should be paid in advance for the 5th day of the month.

REGISTRATION: We ask you to fill in the registration form. Registering starts on the 14th of April. If there are more applications than there are places available, the applications will be accepted according to the order that we receive them.

Applications are accepted on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Tartu Erakool (Tartu Private School), Tähe Street 4 (see the secretary on 0-floor).

NB! Currently all the places are full. Please contact us for more information.


ISIC is an internationally recognized student ID card that proves you are a student and provides you with over 40 000 discounts worldwide.

There are 4 cards in the ISIC family: STUDENT – for university students, SCHOLAR for students of general education institutions, TEACHER for teachers or lecturers and IYTC (International Youth Travel Card) for those young people who have finished their studies but still wish to get discounts.

ISIC STUDENT is available to every Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral studies student, who is studying in an educational institution that has a valid permit from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

You can buy your ISIC card from the Student Council office.

Please bring with you:
- an ID
- a passport photo
- 99 EEK

ITIC TEACHER is available to all teaching staff who works a minimum average of 18 hours per week.

Through the program Minu Kool, schools of general education and higher education institutions are offered the opportunity to start using the ISIC student and university student card as a multifunctional smart card.

For more information and a list of discounts check or

Come and get your ISIC or ITIC card from the office of the Student Council of the University of Tartu.

Address: Ülikooli 18b, Tartu 51014

Opening hours:   E-R  9.00-16.30

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